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Dreaming of becoming a venture investor, but not making much progress?   

If you feel that it’s time to approach your goal differently, we have the card you want to play.

Stop chasing job listings and focus on the big picture.

Instead of begging VCs to hire you, let them recruit you for your true value.


Our Coaching Program is designed to make you a desirable candidate for a venture capital firm.

Show your potential employer that you have a venture capital mindset and know exactly what you want.  If you think like a venture investor, you will be able to find all the right words when applying for a job and will thrive once you get hired.

We will equip you with tools and shortcuts which you can use, not only to break into venture capital, but also to succeed beyond it.   

If there is one thing to know about venture capital, it’s that it is a long game. Like spotting bright entrepreneurs, venture capitalists can spot promising investment professionals like you. What they are interested in is your commitment to the art of venture investing. Show them that you’re ready!

The venture capital job market is very competitive. A "spray and pray" approach doesn't work in a VC job search. Your resume will be one of hundreds or even thousands of applications, and the way you present yourself will be directly compared to all other applicants. Our goal is to help you stand out among all of the candidates

You definitely know a thing or two about venture capital already, but when you're looking for a VC job, every hit must be well-calculated, confident, and precise.

Have you ever asked yourself such questions as:

Is venture investing for me at all?  
What value can I add to a venture capital firm?
What position should I apply for?
What else do I need to learn?
What kind of investor do I want to become?
How do I get noticed and stay on their radar?
What is my next step after I break into venture capital?



Is venture investing for me at all?  

Explore how far you can go in venture investing.

We will help you to: Identify your short- and long-term career goals.

Why it is important: Getting into venture capital is not easy, but staying there is much harder. Only by knowing and being in sync with your motives and drives will you be able to keep going, even during the most difficult moments.  


What value can I add to a venture capital firm?

Assess the skills, experience, and knowledge you possess.

We will help you to: Define your current profile as a potential hire for a venture capital firm.

Why it is important: When applying for a job, you’ll be selling yourself as a set of skills, experience, and knowledge — an asset to any potential employer. To prepare for this sale, you need to clearly understand what your potential employer needs and what you have to offer.


What position should i apply for?

Research, evaluate, and single out appropriate career options.

We will help you to: Draft a desirable career path.

Why it is important: Applying for a position you are not suitable for, will be a waste of your time and confidence. When expecting a reply from a recruiter, you should remain proactive and keep growing to the next level.


What else do I need to learn?

Identify other skills, experience, and knowledge you need to obtain.

We will help you to: Identify the subjects and create an action plan for learning them.

Why it is important: There is a lot you need to know, and be able to perform, to become a venture investor. The amount of available information to absorb is endless. Distilling the most essential knowledge is critical for advancement, and will prevent any time wastage.


What kind of investor do I want to become?

Design your investor profile.

We will help you to: Single out horizontal and vertical skills to develop or build your profile upon.

Why it is important: You have to sell yourself to both the venture capital firm as its employee, and to entrepreneurs. The value you can deliver to each of these entities is different. Such value defines an investor’s profile in an important way.  


How do i get noticed and stay on their radar?

Tell your story.

We will help you to: Establish your presence in the venture investment world.

Why it is important: A great resume — which we will write with you — is not enough for breaking into venture capital. The more junior the job you’re applying for, the higher the competition for it. Once you’ve been noticed, build and harvest the relationship using all of the available tools wisely.


I got hired by a venture capital firm. Now what?

Get some guidance on how to not waste your time working at a VC firm.


I decided that venture investing is not for me. Now what?

Understand how to use the new skills, knowledge, and expertise that you developed and received during this coaching program, in other fields.  

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BONUS FOR one-on-one sessions

At the end of the Coaching Program, you will also receive an individually designed, expertly written, keyword-optimized resume ($250 worth), which will include all the discoveries you'll make about yourself over the course of the Program. 


Want a better deal?

Find a partner you could work together with and split the cost!

You can add more accountability to your coaching if you work with someone else who is pursuing the same goals. Bring your friend, or couple with another coachee, and pay less.

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Paying for this program is also an investment.  What will you be investing in?

  • A toolbox for building your venture capital career thereafter

  • Clear vision of your career, confidence, and self-esteem

  • Our recommendation of you as a candidate to a venture firm 

  • Skills training for building your industry presence

  • A foundation for growing your venture capital mindset



What is career coaching?

Coaching is a guided journey to your goal.

Your coach has already walked the path that you want to take — that’s why coaching is filled with solutions, insight, and action.

Coaching is a project with defined start and end positions — that’s why it is focused, positive, and outcome-oriented.

Career coaching is not the same as career counseling, which is a therapeutic and confidential alliance between a coach and a coachee. Less talk and more work is what you should expect.

What does it imply?

The program lasts 8 weeks.

Every week starts with an introductory video relating to the week’s objectives. You will get self-study materials and assignments to complete by the end of each week.

You will communicate with the coach by email or web chats during the week and have a one-on-one video session at the end of each week.

Every week, you will be getting tools and hints for building your venture capital career, which you can use at any time after completing the program.

Why the price is lower than other offers in the market?

Career coaching rate in the U.S. starts from $150 per hour and may reach thousands of dollars. Despite the uniqueness of out Program, we made a decision to charge less than an average U.S. rate to make it more accessible for people from different countries. You never know where you find a talent, so we want more people to explore venture capital to identify those who will become the next generation venture investors.  

What is cancellation and refund policy?

We guarantee a full refund if you cancel your one-on-one coaching sessions within seven calendar days after the first session (actual one-on-one call).

If you booked team-of-two sessions, both team members should cancel the sessions within seven calendar days after the first session (actual one-on-one call). If only one member decides to opt out, the payment is not refundable.