Irina Ruzavina, Manager @ Antirubstvo, Recruiting Firm

We regularly hire Renata to mentor the clients of our recruiting company who want to work in the venture capital industry. She is always very friendly and dedicates 100% of her attention to the sessions. As a recruiter, I'd like to point out that Renata always tries to learn as much as possible about her mentees' background, motives and drives for a career change before giving any advice. Then, she provides as much information as a person can efficiently absorb at once not to overwhelm them. Renata has extensive domain knowledge and expertise in venture capital investing, financial analysis and planning. Not only can she give an overview of a subject, but she also shares some very specific details, which cannot be learned unless one has been deeply immersed in the industry. Finally, she has a global vision and lays out different career scenarios for our clients. Quoting our clients' feedback on their mentoring sessions, Renata inspires them to achieve the most ambitious goals and grow professionally. She breaks down the problem into pieces and shows what specific steps can be taken to get to the desired destination. Personally, I can't wait for her upcoming book "Venture Capital Mindset"!