Priya Kuber, CMO @ GUN INC

Renata is a mentor who meets you exactly where you are. She gives you no illusions about the work ahead, fully equips you to build your own unique set of tools to fight battles. She is also clear with her boundaries and allows you to hold yours. That being said, she is not a mentor for the weak-willed. She would see and say something real, that you would have a hard time believing at first, then prescribe the most efficient (and the toughest) route for you to feel the answers within yourself. She believes in experiential learning that helps you build a new neural pathway towards thinking like a "zero waste entrepreneur". Most importantly, after working with her, you start asking the right questions, a skill that can be translated to any leadership role that you might take on, for the rest of your life. I'm grateful to be mentored by her.

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