Sometimes you have a clearly identified problem that needs to be solved. At other times, your problem may seem unsolvable, no matter how hard you try to resolve it. In this instance, you may be working on the wrong one.

I offer expert and process consulting within my areas of expertise.

Process consulting is about structuring thoughts and events in order to identify a problem and formulate a path for solving it. Expert consulting presents analysis and explanation of an identified issue, and provides solutions that can be implemented.

Although there's no shortage of advice in this era of networking, you may need an independent opinion to help you determine the next step after all. That is why I call this type of consultation a ‘second opinion’.

What will you get?

Describe the issue that you wish to work on in as much detail as possible, at the check-out, so that I can prepare in advance for the consultation. During the 45-minute call, I will ask additional questions, give you my opinion on the issue, and offer various solutions for your consideration. 

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After the check-out, come back to this page and schedule time for the call in the section provided below. Feel free to suggest 2–3 time slots to choose from, and make sure that your name and email address match those that you submitted at the check-out.