Venture Capital Executive Program is the first online professional education blended with coaching techniques providing immersion experience with no change of your comfortable schedule. 


Many of the brightest venture investors we know came from very different occupations, oftentimes in any way connected to risky investments. The industry is in need of new talents today, but it is very difficult to enter. Lack of proper education should be eliminated to provide aspiring investors with equal opportunities.

Our mission is to break at least this one barriers to the industry. How do we do that?

We created a student-centered educational program, which means that it is focused on the needs of each student, who she or he is, what she or he can do and what she or he wants to become. Each course is designed based on what the industry expects from the investment professionals these days. We analyzed hundreds of job descriptions and interviewed general and limited partners to draw a profile of a desirable candidate — whether it’s an analyst or associate, principal or founding partner. Then, we assembled the subjects to best meet the expectations of decision makers for candidates at every level. Here’s what we have to offer: