WOMEN IN VENTURE: You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

I am happy to announce my new upcoming book WOMEN IN VENTURE!

Last year, I researched all the books written by or about venture capitalists. I was saddened by the fact that only about a dozen of women venture investors have been mentioned in the books sold on Amazon. I decided to correct that.

Women In Venture is about seasoned and first-time women investors, it is about those who have huge wins under their belts and those who have none yet, women from billion-size VC funds and micro-VC firms, women investors from all over the world!

It has been a great pleasure to work on this book. Having a chance to meet and talk with women investors from different countries, cultures and experience is extremely uplifting! I tried to keep this emotions on the pages of the book and very much hope that every reader will feel the same.

Back in 2014, I’ve launched women.vc to find all the women venture capital investors out there and calculate the investment performance of their portfolio companies. Our study is still the most accurate due to counting in women VCs regardless of their funds’ sizes and firms’ age. It is now time to dedicate a book to them!

Want to make sure your favorite women VCs are included in the book Women In Venture? Send me their names and I’ll try my best to add them to the manuscript before I submit it to the publisher. Thank you!

Women In Venture (book)
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Women In Venture (book)

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The access to the additional materials mentioned in the book is password-protected. If you have purchased the book, you may find the password in Chapter 1 - Assignment 1. To get your copy now, follow these quick links: