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Ikram Mansori, Founder @Curah

Having Renata as a mentor and bringing her on as an advisor has been a change for the better. I am honored to receive her feedback in all types of forms and shapes. She is clear and concise and would bring up thoughts, recommendations and suggestions that we weren't able to think of. Her spirit screams women empowerment and her affirmations mean we can go far. She has a talent of making the right connections and seeing beyond the initial first impressions.

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ConsultingRenata Akhunova
Alex Dolinskiy, Founder @ Coursalytics

Renata is an outstanding professional and an amazing human being possessing the knowledge and strength to empower others. She offers intellectual honesty and insight that can help you reach an entirely new level of self-awareness and understand your business and your industry. Renata’s expertise in the VC industry can be a real source of both knowledge and inspiration for anyone just starting to explore this field.

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Val Miftakhov, Founder @ eMotorWerks

Renata has been very instrumental in helping our company get theright exposure during our funding search. She provided deepinsights into our business model and helped us drive our businessplan to the next level. Renata has an enormous amount of energyand focuses it very well on her client's needs.

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Jacob Stein, Partner @ Aliant, LLP

Renata has an extraordinary ability to deconstruct complex fact patters and rearrange them in a manner that offers an entirely new perspective. Without breaking my vision, she has set me on the right track and helped me clarify the project I've been working on. She possesses a rare mix of knowledge, skills and experience that could be extremely valuable to any company: she had been on different sides of the table -- whether as an entrepreneur, investor or client. This helps her to have a 360-degree view of business ventures of all kinds. I highly recommend her! 

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Pitch, ConsultingRenata Akhunova