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Maryam Beria, Portfolio Manager @ Aperio Group

As a growing professional, having Renata's counsel and mentorship by my side has been truly invaluable. She leverages her several years of professional industry experience to mentor with a selfless, supportive, and direct approach. Renata does not take her responsibilities as a mentor lightly, and is truly committed and invested in the success of those who she chooses to mentor. I value her sincere reliability - just recently I needed some guidance on professional decision and reached out to Renata, she offered me her full attention calling me on a Sunday to discuss. I highly recommend reaching out to Renata, not only is she an amazing person but also a brilliant mentor that is truly passionate about empowering mentees to achieve their goals. 

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Women, CareerRenata Akhunova
Irina Ruzavina, Manager @ Antirubstvo, Recruiting Firm

We regularly hire Renata to mentor the clients of our recruiting company who want to work in the venture capital industry. As a recruiter, I'd like to point out that Renata always tries to learn as much as possible about her mentees' background, motives and drives for a career change before giving any advice. Renata has extensive domain knowledge and expertise in venture capital investing, financial analysis and planning. Not only can she give an overview of a subject, but she also shares some very specific details, which cannot be learned unless one has been deeply immersed in the industry.

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Kathy Roma, Founder @ Nimb

Not only is Renata a vibrant speaker, but she is also an dedicated coach. No matter how many people she speaks to — a hundred or just one — she sticks to the point and gives valuable advice. I turned to Renata for help with a sensitive situation at work, and her analysis gave me a clear understanding what should be done and what is in my best interests.

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Women, Speaker, CareerRenata Akhunova